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$ 7.50 /video*

*Max 60 seconds

Subscription plans*

* subject to change


$ 9 /month


100 render seconds

Ideal for small business owners and independent video makers.


$ 14 /month


200 render seconds

Ideal for power users who need more render time.


$ 24 /month


400 render seconds

Ideal for small teams who render many videos every month.

Does your computer have enough power?

Got Chrome or Firefox on your laptop or desktop?*

Have a relatively modern GPU?

You are ready to go.

Try out the editor and see if it works for you.
Better GPUs will bring faster results at higher resolutions.
Some effects may require more GPU power.

*We use very modern web technologies to create your videos. Results may vary or not work at all in unsupported browsers such as Edge, Safari and Opera.
Both suggested browsers are free to download. You should try Firefox, which supports your freedom and privacy as a user. I use it as a developper.
If you read until this small print, we are personal enough now and you should try out the app and buy a subscription.

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